Formulating Safer Alkyd-Based Coatings with MEKO-Free Anti-Skins and High-Performance Catalysts

green paint cans

What’s Inside?

Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime (MEKO) anti-skins are used in alkyd coatings to prevent in-can skinning. However, MEKO is facing regulatory issues around the world, recently being classified as a 1B carcinogen in the European Union. Coatings with 0.1% or more MEKO content are now required to have carcinogen GHS labeling in this region. 

Cobalt driers are commonly used in alkyd coatings to reduce dry times. However, cobalt is also facing regulatory issues in coating applications due to toxicity and sourcing concerns. Europe, USA, and South Korea are a few regions considering cobalt regulations in coatings.

This webinar covers the wide range of MEKO-free anti-skinning agents and cobalt-free high-performance catalysts from Borchers that allow for the safer formulation of alkyd coating systems while improving anti-skinning, dry times, non-yellowing, and more.

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